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Austria's most comprehensive database for scholarships and research
grants in German and English language, offers you at a glance
•  worldwide grants for Austrian students, graduates and researchers
•  grants for international students, graduates and researchers in Austria
•  research grants, prizes and practical training courses in Austria and all over the world
•  national grants and universities' individual grants
Гранти | Grants | Переходів: 206 | Додав: novikoffav | Дата: 2012-02-26

NOBIS Austria is a network for scientists working in the broad field of biological systematics – on evolutionary research, phylogeny and taxonomy – theoretically, philosophically and pragmatically.

NOBIS Austria aims to promote biosystematics as a fundamental discipline for numerous basic and applied biological sciences concerning all kingdoms of life.

Товариства | Associations | Переходів: 211 | Додав: novikoffav | Дата: 2012-02-26

Botany Center is a database of the conferences in Ukraine and adjacent coutries.

Бази даних | Databases | Переходів: 199 | Додав: novikoffav | Дата: 2012-02-15

Systematics Association

The Systematics Association is committed to furthering all aspects of Systematic biology. It organises a vigorous programme of international conferences on key themes in systematics, including a series of major biennial conferences launched in 1997 (the eighth will be held in Belfast in July 2011). The association also supports a variety of training courses in systematics and awards grants in support of systematics research.
Товариства | Associations | Переходів: 260 | Додав: novikoffav | Дата: 2012-02-15

Free International Association of Researchers on Natural Substances

FIARNS09 will contribute in enlarging the status of  knowledge on Natural Substances and their Biological Applications by  improving collaboration among Scientists from different Countries.

Товариства | Associations | Переходів: 221 | Додав: novikoffav | Дата: 2012-02-15

RASP (Reconstruct Ancestral State in Phylogenies)
is a tool for inferring ancestral state using Bayesian, Parsimony or SDIVA method. RASP is the update version of S-DIVA (Statistical dispersal-vicariance analysis).
Statistical Dispersal-Vicariance Analysis (S-DIVA)
is a program which complements DIVA, implements the methods of Nylander et al. (2008) and Harris and Xiang (2009), and determines statistical support for ancestral range reconstructions using a novel method, the S-DIVA value. In S-DIVA, the frequencies of an ancestral range at a node in ancestral reconstructions are averaged over all trees and each alternative ancestral range at a node is weighted by the frequency of the node occurring or by some other measure of support for the node. S-DIVA is easy-to-install, provides a user-friendly graphical interface, and generates exportable, graphical results.
Бази даних | Databases | Переходів: 182 | Додав: novikoffav | Дата: 2012-02-14

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